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Learn More About Mobile Banking from Arvest
Arvest Mobile Alerts We're excited to further enhance our customers' mobile banking experience with Arvest Mobile Banking Alerts. Arvest Mobile Banking customers are now able to create text, email, and push alerts to manage their finances more efficiently.

Mobile Banking Alerts are easily managed within the Mobile Banking tab inside Arvest Online Banking. Be sure and register your mobile phone and email address in Mobile Banking to take advantage of all alerts available.

Once you have enrolled your mobile phone or email in Arvest Mobile Banking, you have the options for creating and managing your alerts.
  • Log in to Arvest Online Banking, select the Mobile Banking tab, then select Alerts
  • Click the Alerts tile in the Mobile Banking App
  • Click the Manage Alerts link in your Mobile Web browser

Mobile Banking Alerts can notify you of the following:

  • Low balance (user specifies amount)
  • e.Statement available
  • Debit transaction over a specific amount
  • Deposit posted
  • Overdraft fee posted
  • Any check cleared
  • Any withdrawal

It's easy to turn off Mobile Banking Alerts:

  • Log in to Arvest Online Banking, select the Mobile Banking tab, then select Alert Do Not Disturb Settings
    • Selecting New Quiet Time delays delivery of alerts
    • Selecting New Suspend ignores alerts
For technical support and assistance with Mobile Banking, please call Customer Service at (866) 952-9523. Arvest Mobile Banking

For more detailed information about enrollment, please review the FAQs below.

How can I receive Mobile Banking Alerts?

You can receive Mobile Banking Alerts via:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Push notification (currently only available on iPhone®)

Additionally, a record of alerts you receive is available via the Inbox within the Arvest App and Mobile Web.

How can I get a periodic balance alert?

Use the Low Balance alert and set the threshold to a balance higher than you normally maintain– this will have the effect of sending you a daily balance alert (normally between 6:00 and 9:00 AM after processing of the prior day’s transactions has completed Tuesday – Saturday). You will also receive Low Balance alerts throughout the day as "pending" transactions present to the bank.

Why do I see multiple copies of the same alert in my alert inbox within mobile banking?

The alert inbox holds a copy of all alerts from all channels. If you have an alert going to an email, a SMS number, and a push destination, the inbox receives what looks like 3 copies of the same alert.

I used my debit card and received a Debit Threshold Exceeded alert, then received the same alert again the next day – what’s going on?

Merchants may sometimes send an initial debit amount (called a "pre-authorization"), followed by a reversal of that charge, and then a final debit (sometimes even days later). We do our best to match those up and not bother you with multiple alerts, but sometimes multiple alerts for the same debit are unavoidable.

I bought $22 worth of gas at a gas station using my debit card. I got a Debit Threshold Exceeded alert for $75, then another one for $22. What’s happening?

Gas stations generally place a temporary hold amount on your card for a high amount (the amount can differ from business to business) until the actual purchase is made. The original $75 (called a "pre-authorization") is reversed once the final purchase is made. Other businesses that use high pre-authorizations and reversals include:

  • Hotels (often a hold is placed for the entire amount of your stay at the beginning)
  • Restaurants (your bill is often run through once before the tip, reversed, and run through again with tip included)
  • Rental car agencies
I had a debit card transaction that was supposed to trigger a Debit Threshold Exceeded and Low Balance Apple push alert (not SMS / text), but I only received one push alert. What happened?

This is likely a limitation of the Apple push network. If more than one push notification is sent, and the first one encounters a delay or timeout, Apple will only deliver the last alert. This does not apply to SMS/text or email alerts.

Why did I get a Low Balance alert this morning?

When Arvest finishes processing transactions and posting them to your account (normally between 6:00 and 9:00 AM after processing of the prior day's transactions has completed Tuesday – Saturday), a Low Balance alert may be triggered if your available balance is below your set threshold.

Can I turn off alerts in the middle of the night?

Yes. Log in to Arvest Online Banking, select the Mobile Banking tab and set up a Quiet Time during which you will not receive alerts. Any alerts received during Quiet Time are stored in a queue and sent when the Quiet Time period expires.

Does the Withdrawal Confirmation alert send an alert for ANY transaction that posts to my account?

This alert will only notify you regarding wire transfers and cash withdrawals performed at an ATM or Arvest branch. The alert is normally sent around 6:00 AM Tuesday morning - Saturday morning, once the transaction processing of the prior day's transactions completes.

It will not alert for "pending" transactions before they hard post to your account.

Does the Debit Threshold Exceeded alert send an alert for ANY transaction that posts to my account?

This alert generates for anything that is "pending" (memo posts) to your account, including:

  • Debit card transactions
  • Transfers
  • Deposits via Mobile Check Deposit
I have an old iPhone name showing up in my alert destination options. Can I remove that?

Yes. Contact Arvest Customer Service at (866) 952-9523 to have a specific device removed.

Which types of accounts can I create alerts for with Arvest Mobile Banking?

Alerts are available for the following account types:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Money Markey
  • Spending Card
Is there a fee to use Arvest Mobile Banking alerts?

No, Arvest does not charge a fee to use alerts. You may incur data or text usage charges from your wireless carrier depending on your plan - please contact your wireless carrier for more information.

I texted "STOP" to the Arvest short code (36272). What can I do if I now want to receive text alerts?

Contact Arvest Customer Service at (866) 952-9523 for assistance in re-enabling text alerts.

I bought a used mobile device and it will not let me set up push alerts. How do I set those up?

Arvest Customer Service can help you get push alerts working on your device. For assistance, call Customer Service at (866) 952-9523.

Message and data rates may apply, please consult your mobile carrier for details. To opt out of text banking, you may text HELP to 36272 for additional support or call customer service at (866) 952-9523. View terms and conditions. Participating carriers include (but are not limited to): Alltel, Aliant, AT&T/Cingular Wireless, Centennial Cellular Corp., Dobson Cellular Systems (AT&T Wireless), CellSouth, MTS Mobility, Nextel/Boost USA, NTelos (Virginia PCS), Rural Cellular Corp., Suncom, Telebec, Sprint, Telebec, T-Mobile (VoiceStream), US Cellular Corp., Verizon Wireless and Virgin Mobile USA. Copyright 2012 Arvest Bank. All rights reserved.